Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Malaynese (TONY)

          Salam, my friend is a malaynese. half malay half chinese. He is currently studying in Kangar, Perlis. He is facing some problems, his friends cant keep their mouth.His friends always mock him or as the malay word goes 'mengata'. So he learned Kung Fu from Muammar Chan. So that he can Jackie Chan his friends. Thus he is now living a happy life with his classmates. I will update his events soon tq.

                These days, he loves to bring his tablet to school. He thinks he's a pro gamer but indeed he is. He always play Pokemon with Luqman,his friend. He also plays Clash Of The Clans, he's proud of his village very much. He likes to picks on his friend such as Imran and Azli. He calls Muammar Chan, Capang because of his large ears.